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London's most experienced craftsman. We believe our team is the best in the industry and we are always recruiting motivated people to become our newest skilled workers in London.
Handy Squad was established in 2005 with offices in Fulham. The company was set up to help thousands of Londoners who struggle to find a plumber, electrician or carpenter who can arrive on time, do a good job and clean themselves – all at the same time, getting value for the money spent. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline from our office staff and craftsmen to make this happen, but we have decades of experience. Our team of fitters, electricians, plumbers, decorators and carpenters are highly qualified and we are always looking for talented craftsmen to join our ranks. Although we are based in Fulham, we provide services throughout London and our craftsmen are spread throughout the city. We are a family business that fully understands that providing a consistently great experience to our customers is essential to our success. Although we already offer a wide range of services through our team, we are always interested in expanding our services into related areas if that is what our clients desire. We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. That's enough about us. Remember, when you need repairs in your home, just call 08000 12 12 12 and let the Handy Squad take care of it!
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